Finding Your Life’s Purpose is Right Inside of You!


Last week I had an AMAZING experience in Laguna Beach, California! Let me tell you, it rained and rained, AND rained for 2 1/2 days straight but I still had the MOST incredible time.  Why? I was surrounded by some of the most amazing people. People I’d never met before…except online!

If you’ve never experienced it, creating a friendship purely online and then meeting in person for the first time a year later is one of my most favorite things, because we have built this connection that feels “safe” and where we can be ourselves. We can say things we might not normally say when first meeting someone. Then over time, this relationship grows and you meet in person and BAM— an amazing friendship is instantly there!

Why do I share all of this? I share because I also had an amazing breakthrough last week.  I’ve been on this personal development discovery for the last couple of years. I have felt pulled towards a different direction for my life and what I realized last week was so aligned with who I am and what my true purpose is, it’s a little scary but so freaking exciting! For the last several years, I’ve really been focused on healthy eating and fitness which I still believe in wholeheartedly. However, as much as I loved helping women through their own struggles, I felt a bigger pull for something greater!

As a Registered Nurse for over 23 years, I have worked in the field of Pediatric Oncology for the majority of that time, and working in that field with those children and their families has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life.  This past year, I have been reminded of that passion that is within me to serve these families on a greater level! So this last week, when I was in this extraordinary space of positive energy and people, I feel like a giant lightbulb turned on!  I found my purpose at that moment:  knowing that I was put here to serve parents of kids going through a life-threatening illness to find peace and joy in their lives from fear and worry.  I want them to experience a life of abundance without the trauma they experienced (yes, they are traumatized by it all!) holding them back.

While this discovery of my purpose came in a moments notice, it took a bit of time to uncover it and I’d like to share some lessons learned from that experience that may help YOU find your purpose.

1. Your passion will lead to your purpose


There may be many things we feel passionate about but there is generally one thing that really lights you up, helps you feel excited to pursue, something that you love that doesn’t even feel like work! It could be pursuing a hobby like golf, crafting, or photography. It could be serving others with something you are knowledgeable about and can teach someone else in a particular way.

2. Your purpose is already inside of you


Yes, it’s true. Your purpose really is already inside of you!  We sometimes just get so sidetracked with our own thoughts and life happening to us that we are not always open to seeing what is. When you can set an intention for your life and get aligned with your passions that understand more of what really lights you up, and you can then begin to uncover your life’s purpose.

3. Action creates clarity


How many times do you sit and think, “if I just maybe think about it some more, or journal about it, I’ll be more clear about what excites me in this life. I’ll tell you, you could sit and ponder this question all day, for weeks or years, and will never come to the solution. And don’t get me wrong, I lOVE journaling!  What you need most is action. Taking inspired action towards a goal or what you think may be your passion helps you to uncover what you really do love and when you maybe need to pivot and change course. I know for me, it’s been a couple of years of taking action, pivoting, trying new things until that lightbulb went off.

4. Surround yourself with positive energy


Have you ever heard the phrase, you are like the 5 people you spend the most time around?  It’s so true!!  Whether they are people in your immediate world or groups of people you have met online, When you are surrounded by positive energy it just fuels you to do more, and be more. People are energy and that energy flows through you whether you are conscious of it or not. So when you decide to intentionally put people in your life that uplift you, that help you think differently, that encourage and support you, that energy then surrounds you and helps you to align with your purpose.

5. Be Open

Stay open to all possibilities!  When you are getting those little “nudges” you feel to try something new, or take a new step towards something new (and maybe even very uncomfortable) is key to unlocking the purpose that is already within you. Too often we ignore those nudges or voices that are telling us we are meant for more or that we should be headed in a new direction.  Listen to that still small voice within you, for it is mighty and it knows what path is meant for you.

So living my purpose excites me and I hope you are able to find what your life’s purpose is because once you do, sky’s the limit! Living and operating from our purpose guides our life to bring in what we want and has life happening FOR us, rather than TO us.

I hope this blog article was helpful and if you or anyone you know has gone through a life-threatening experience with their child, I’d love to ask you to send me a message and share your story.  I’m still creating what this will look like in my life and in the lives of the parents and families I work with, but the one thing I know is how much I love what I do!

xo, Kelly