Happy New Year Beautiful!


Now that the new year has begun, let me ask.  Have you developed a vision for how you want your year to look?  Unfortunately, many of us don’t.  We may start off setting a new years resolution, often the same one we wanted to start off at the beginning of last year but never accomplished.  Then when we realize we have fallen off the track towards our goal, what happens? More times than not, we let the buzz of our busy lives keep us from reaching our goals and just go back to living life as usual.

Having a vision is important for many reasons. It’s not just something that entrepreneurs or CEO’s of big companies do, but you can create a vision for your life as well. When you have a vision of something you want to see happen in your life you can then focus on it, and what we focus on expands!  Have you ever focused on something so much that you then begin to see it all around you?  There’s the classic example that when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see that car everywhere when you rarely, if ever, saw it before.  Why is that?  Our brains pick up on those thoughts that we focus on and if we are not focused on anything, well then life just happens without much thought.

This is why I absolutely love creating vision boards each year!  It’s a way to take some time, think about what you want to see happen in the coming year, or even 5 or 10 years and put it on the board in pictures, words, and phrases that help you visualize those things you want to see happen in your life.  It also helps when you are finding yourself moving off in the wrong direction, as it can be that guide that shows you what your intentions were and to get back on track faster.

To start, I begin with a few key things to do each year.

  1. Give thanks to the previous year.

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/rear-view-of-woman-with-arms-raised-at-beach-during-sunset-320007/

Anytime I do a vision board I begin with looking back on the previous year.  Understanding and appreciating all the wins, lessons, celebrations and challenges from the previous year is so important as well in this process. Often we don’t recognize all the amazing things we did accomplish in a year, big and small, and appreciate all the lessons we learned.  Once this is done, it’s time to say goodbye to it all.  The year has passed and we cannot get it back.  We can only learn, grow and move on.  So saying goodbye to the previous year allows for new energy to be brought in for the new year as you create your new vision.

  1. Start with your word of the year.

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/alphabet-creativity-cube-letter-462353/

Thinking of something that is meaningful for you and will help guide your vision.  Mine this year was GROWTH.  I want to see growth in many areas of my life this year.  Spiritual growth, growth in my business, growth in my clients, growth in my yoga and meditation practice, along with personal and professional growth. Get the drift?

  1. Find Inspiration anywhere and everywhere.

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-choker-on-beige-scarf-1571673/

Find some old magazines, cut out pictures, words, phrases that remind you of your word and what you want to see happen in the new year. You can also look for those things on Pinterest, or google images and print them out. Whatever is easier and makes it fun.

  1. Make it fun, share it with friends.

source : https://www.pexels.com/photo/backlit-dawn-foggy-friendship-697243/

Do it with others and share your visions.  A shared vision fosters genuine commitment because when you share your hopes, dreams, and ideas with others it increases your focus and accountability.


  1. Keep your vision board visible throughout the year

Somewhere where you will see it every day. Your office, hung up on a wall, or snap a photo of it and make it your wallpaper background on your phone.   The more you see it and focus on those things you said you wanted to accomplish or bring into your life during the year, the more they will expand.

Are you in?  What’s your word of the year? If you’ve never tried it out before, start small.  Make a smaller vision board on even an 8×10 piece of stock paper or as large as a 20x 30 poster board.

Here’s to wishing you the very best in 2019.  May the New Year bring you blessings in abundance of joy, love, health, peace, and prosperity!

xo, Kelly