Why start a blog?


I’ve always loved writing.  There is something cathartic about writing your thoughts down, whether it’s for yourself or sharing with others. Paper and pencil are the best because our brains make such powerful connections when we physically write things out on paper. That’s a little hard to do with an online blog, but still a great way to write and share one’s thoughts to provide information, motivation, support, and ideas.

When I was a kid, I had a diary. I wrote in it nearly every day. I would share my thoughts, my dreams, my crazy ideas and it was my saving grace during some difficult times.  Being able to write those thoughts down was so valuable to a kid that was very emotional. As an adult, I haven’t done as much writing as I did when I was younger, but have always loved it. In school, I actually got pretty good at writing papers but that is such a different type of writing from when you just write down your thoughts freely and without stopping.  If you are not comfortable with writing, there are many ways to start and like anything else, it just takes some practice

1. Don’t think what you write has to be perfect.

Start by just writing your thoughts down without stopping whether it makes sense or not, just keep writing. Our minds can often run faster than our pen and you may find that for some parts of your writing you find yourself writing gibberish. That’s ok!  Keep writing. Your thoughts will start to become clearer and make sense as you go.

2. Write every day or at least consistently.

Pick up a journal, find a notebook and set a timer if you’d like. Find a quiet space and just sit with your thoughts for a while. Then take at least 5-10 min each day to practice writing using the above technique.

3. Need ideas?

You can get some ideas about what to write about by just jotting down some observations through the day. Keep a notepad with you or use the notepad on your phone. Take note of things that interest you or something you may want to learn more about. Maybe write out your story. Where you were born, grew up, funny memories of things you used to do as a kid, maybe a memory of a beloved pet or a struggle you had and were able to overcome. Here are a few more ideas you can write about just for practice:

  1. What is your biggest fear?
  2. Funniest memory with a friend
  3. Craziest thing you ever did
  4. Most memorable vacation
  5. A time when you felt your lowest
  6. A time when you felt your happiest
  7. How you felt on your wedding day
  8. What your pregnancy was like with each child
  9. Best ideas of ways to relax
  10. What are your thoughts about money and wealth

The list could go on and on. Just pick one or create your own and just start writing and see what comes up for you.

4. Develop a routine.

Like any new habit, learning it, mastering it and making it part of your routine takes time. Keep a journal by your bed as a reminder to write every night or set an alarm at a good time of day to remind you to do some journaling.  Once you begin to develop a routine your brain will go to that activity automatically but you have to be consistent with it over time.  Give yourself 2-3 weeks of daily practice and see how much easier it becomes.

5. Enjoy yourself!

If you get to a point where it feels like you are struggling to write or beating yourself up for not “getting it right” put your pen down and walk away. Take a break and come back to it another time. Writing doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be easy, light and enjoyable. The best thing about writing is how it gets you out of your head and allows your subconscious to just flow with ideas and thoughts. Often there are some amazing things that can be learned through writing.

With this blog, it is my intention to share with you what I’ve learned through life’s experiences and ways that we can all improve ourselves through a better understanding of how our brains and bodies work. My hope is that you will find some of the information I share is valuable and helpful to you in your world, along with a few laughs along the way.  Blessings my friend!


xo, Kelly